The America Transformation Project

Social transformation starts when a new audience is provided a mission and roadmap. Mission + Roadmap + Digital = Modern Mobilization.

The America Transformation Project offers a way for Independent voters and communities to mobilize for social transformation.

We spent the years between 2010 - 2020 reviewing American history and corporate transformation approaches, the goal was to understand how to build grassroots-driven social transformation projects.

We believe there’s no solution without communities joining together. Subscribe and learn how to solve the challenges—together.

The National Backstory

In 1789, the Framers of the U.S. Constitution created an agrarian economy for 2.5 million colonists. They planted a seed based on open borders and built a governance model that embraced slavery. There was no digital technology or expectations that the seed would grow into 336 million American citizens living in a nation without slavery. 

The Framers weren’t concerned with protecting voter rights because women, blacks, and others didn’t have the right to vote. They weren’t concerned with processes needed to rebalance the political party system (the problem in 2021) because there were no political parties. 

Yet, America’s backstory and issues aren’t just about race and politics.

Since 2016, America has experienced death by a thousand cuts. Now, it’s time to build the audience that will transform core values—race, equity, guns, ageism, climate, healthcare, etc. 

The younger generations reject the old politics, racism, pre-defined lifestyle choices, etc. This is your opportunity to help correct history, adopt core values, and understand ways to rebalance the political party system. We’re using stories, art, historical facts, and later games to make this a painless process.

The goal is to build the audience for social transformation.

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Social Innovator

My experience is in technology and innovation consulting—I lead complex projects. Did you know real social change is a project? My value and mojo is the ability to create solutions and teams to transform human systems.

Substack offers the perfect ecosystem to exchange ideas while building the audience and processes to give communities new superpowers to rebuild and drive social change.

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During my first visit to Paris, I loved the Louvre Museum. I enjoy art history and understand social transformation must be conceptualized through art.

Paris at the Louvre Museum, 2017

Do you believe the next generation deserves a better future? Become a part of America’s first mobilization process for social change. It’s about time, right?

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